• Mongolian Lunar New Year's Festival Tour - Tsagaan sar

Tsagaansar - White Moon is a Mongolian New Lunar Year. It has been celebrated for centuries with other Asian nations during the end of January, February. Tsagaansar is one of the two main holidays celebrated by Mongolian’s and so it needs lots of preparation. Such as: sew a new deel(Mongolian traditional dress) for all the members, cleaning all the dirts, make literally thousands of buuz(steamed dumplings), and some other salads. It marks the end of winter and the beginning  of spring  and the new year’s cycle. The day before New Year’s day is known as Bituun, meaning “to close down”. At the end of the old year there is a celebration called Bituuleg. There are main  three days and it continuous more than week. Mongolian’s should celebrate this festival as possible as properly cause it shows to the others how do they passing the old year, How is the family going etc. No one is left out of this. Young and old, male and female will spend equal time in different activities. Some family who have old people they cook sheep with as big tail as possible, wishing the family wealth and prosperity. By this festival brothers and sisters, all the relationships can meet each other once in a year altogether. So the long celebration starts when younger people visit older ones to pay their respects. Another greeting custom is that the people exchange their snuff bottles, offering them with open right hand while touching under the right elbow with the open left hand. After greetings, all kinds of serve will start from the Airag(fermented milk) etc. At the end to give a gift is a most important.  

Duration: 3 nights 4 days

Converting Distance: 980 km

Accommodation: Ger camp

Food: 4 breakfast 4 lunch 3 dinner

Group Size: min 1-2, max 6 (big groups are available)

Activity: Camel riding, Walking on the sand, Horse riding, Exploring Mongolian winter festival – Tsagaansar

Tour Overview View map

Day 1 Semi Gobi – ElsenTasarhai, Khogno Khan Natural Reserve

Today we will drive to Elsentasarhai and will do Camel riding and visit to Ovgon temple museum. Khogno Khan mountain Natural Reserve it is about 1967m peak area. This area has unique combination of Mongolian mountain, forest and gobi type landscape in one location. That’s why this area is called Semi Gobi by the locals. Overnight in a Ger camp

Day 2 Orkhon Waterfall

We will visit to Uurt gorge,  Orkhon river, and the Red waterfall in Orkhon valley.
The red waterfall is situated in historically significant  Orkhon valley, whose river flows an incredible 1120 km to the north before it joins the  Selenge  river. Also called Ulaantsutgalan, the waterfall was formed by unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes about 20000  years ago.  Overnight in a Ger camp 

Day 3 Kharkhorin – ErdeneZuu Monastery

Early morning we will start drive to Kharkhorin ancient capital city and will visit to the ErdeneZuu Monastery. It’s a ancient capital city called kharkhorin where developed Kharakhorum capital of Great Mongolian Empire in 13th century. Explore ErdeneZuu Monastery Musuem. It is a biggest Buddhist center in medieval ages and it was closed and badly damaged in 1930s. Visit to some other sightseeing. Overnight in a Ger camp 

Day 4 Back to UB

Today we will drive back to UB city. We will have a lunch on the way. 

Tour fare included
  • Accommodation during the trip
  • Driver+4WD vehicle+petrol
  • English speaking tour guide/cook
  • All meal/ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/
  • Bottled water supply for 1.5 liter p.p everyday
  • Entrance fees for the national parks and museum
Tour fare excluded
  • International airfare
  • Personal Items
  • Optional activity costs
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks
  • Travel insurance

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