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Shortened tour including Lake Khuvsgul and Reindeer People ( 9 days )

What to expect
Meet Tsaatan people /Last True Reindeer Herders/ Of course, the highlight of our trip is meeting the Tsaatan nomads and their friendly reindeer. As one of the few remaining indigenous groups of reindeer herders, the Tsaatans are a disappearing culture. Staying with them is a priceless opportunity to experience their way of life while it’s still around. Discovering wild nature all along the way Mongolia is perhaps best known for its steppes, or endless expanses of grasslands. These prairie regions are characterized by their lack of trees. See Mysterious Runes From The Bronze Age The tour will take you through some of Mongolia’s history, with visits to historic spots as the Amarbayasgalant monastery. Ride A Horse Across Epic Landscapes We’ve partnered with local herders for access to authentic local experiences, including nomadic home-stays and horse-riding through the Mongolian Steppe, which is a blaze of colour in the spring and autumn months.

Service included

  • Shared accommodation at Ger camp
  • All meals as listed
  • All entrance fee
  • Mongolian barbecue
  • Letter of Invitation
  • All transfers and transportation
  • Bottled drinking water p.p

Service not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Flight Ticket
  • Optional activities
  • Camera fee for museum & monastery
  • Travel Insurance
  • Single supplement
  • Tips for your driver and guide

Mongolia is one of the most interesting and unexplored places on the planet. As the world’s least densely populated country, Mongolia’s untouched landscapes and nomadic culture make it an adventure destination like no other. Tourism is still very new to Mongolia, having started only 20 years ago. While this makes it somewhat difficult to organise your own trip, Mongolia’s undiscovered nature also adds to its allure.Located in Northern Asia with China and Russia at its borders, Mongolia has only recently moved past its status as a Soviet-influenced Communist country. Wandering through the districts, you’ll notice an interesting mix of Asian and European influences, from Soviet architecture in the capital to the Buddhist-influenced traditions widely practised. Away from the capital, you’ll understand why the locals lovingly call their country the “land of the eternal blue sky”. Mongolia’s unique beauty promises breathtaking sights at every turn, with rugged mountains, sparkling lakes, and lush plains. Not only is the scenery picture-perfect, the animals are extremely photogenic too!

Day-1.Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
Overnight in Hotel ( L D )
Day-2.Murun city and Khuvsgul Lake
Fly to Murun town, the center town of Khuvsgul province and a meeting point with your travel team. Your vehicles and a team will meet you at the Airport. Drive to Khuvsgul lake. The lake is the second fresh water lake in Asia and second large lake in Mongolia with its 136 km long and 36 km wide and 264 meter deep. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-3.Second day at the Khovsgol lake
Taking rest and do some activities including boating and trekking up to mountain. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-4.Journey to the Beautiful Blue Darkhad Valley /Visit to Horse Herder Family/
After a pit stop for items at the Ulaan-Uul village Market, we’ll continue to the epic Mongolian Steppe — a massive grassland spanning over 887,300-square-km, from the tip of China’s coastal hills down to southern Siberia. These plains are home to an abundance of wildlife, including sheep, goats, brown-eared pheasants, yaks, and gazelle! Visit to a horse guide family to prepare next few days Horse trekking. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-5.Ride A Horse Across Epic Landscapes and visit to the Tsaatan people
It’s the last stretch toward Khövsgöl Aimag, the northern-most province of Mongolia and territory of the elusive reindeer nomads. But first — a horse-riding expedition across breathtaking valleys, streams, forests, and mountains. The route to the Tsaatan camp is passable only by horse, and takes anywhere between five to seven hours to complete. That said, the journey will be pleasant, as the sure-footed Mongolian horses are a joy to ride. These horses aren’t your usual breed — they’ve gone through centuries of travelling across the massive steppes, and were a major winning force in the Mongol Empire’s bloody battles. Upon arrival at the reindeer camp, spend the night in traditional Tsaatan huts, otherwise known as teepees! With zero light pollution in the Mongolian countryside, we’ll get to stargaze under the dazzling night sky. Overnight in ( B L D )
Day-6.Experience Life As A Reindeer Nomad
Rise bright and early for a full day with the Tsaatan nomads! For centuries, the Tsaatans have survived off the land, relying on their reindeer for transport, milk, cheese, meat, and even materials like dung for fuel, antlers for tools, and hair for clothes. The nomad herders are extremely hospitable and enthusiastic about sharing their way of life. Riding and milking reindeer are must-try activities — and we might discover a natural reindeer herder among us! As one of the few remaining indigenous groups of reindeer herders, the Tsaatans are a disappearing culture due to the dwindling population of reindeer. Today, only about 40 families remain who continue their centuries-old traditions. While their camp is difficult to get to, it’s a priceless opportunity to experience their way of life while it’s still around. At the end of the day, it’s back to stargazing under teepees — just another regular night in Mongolia! Overnight in teepee tent ( B L D )
Day-7.Going back to Horse herder family
Stay at Horse herder family house and discovering nature and culture. And taking a rest. Overnight in Ger camp ( B L D )
Day-8.See Mysterious Runes From The Bronze Age and Visit to Murun city
After a night in a traditional ger, it’s back into our jeep back to Murun City. On the way, we’ll admire the famous Uushigiin Ovor Deer Stones. Dating back to the Bronze Age, these huge sculptures stand in the middle of the steppe, like a marvellous account of everyone who has passed by through the millennia. The runes are carved with ancient symbols and animals, mostly reindeer (hence the name). After a well-deserved hot shower in the town’s bathhouse, it’s time for a good night’s sleep in a local guesthouse. Overnight in ( B L D )
Day-9.Back to Ulaanbaatar-Celebrate The End Of An Adventure
Fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Relax time at the hotel. Shopping. Evening cultural performance. Firewell dinner. Overnight in ( B L D )
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Pax 1 -------- 1890$
Pax 2 -------- 1161$
Pax 3 ------- 999$
Pax 4 ------ 909$

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USD 1890

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USD 1161

Pax 3
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USD 999

Pax 4
per person

USD 909


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