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Mongolia is truly one of the world's last undiscovered travel destinations and the safest country to visit. It is a land where you can experience wide-open spaces, cobalt blue skies, forests, deserts, crystal clear rivers and lakes, and the traditional hospitality of the nomads. Permanent dwellings are few and far between, fences even fewer and the land is owned by the people, like one large National Park. As a tremendous destination to experience the outdoors, Mongolia also boasts of unique history dating back to the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan. Simply put, it is a land of adventure, horses, nomads, and blue sky.

Lake Khuvsgul
Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
Gorkhi Terelj National Park
Beautiful Gobi Desert
Mongolian Ancient Capital Kharkhorin & Erdenezuu
  • Capital City Ulaanbaatar

    Ulaanbaatar is situated between four mountains: Bogda Khan Uul, Chingeltei Uul, Bayanzurkh Uul and Songino Khairkhan of the Khentii mountain chain, stretching from the Altan Tevsh valley of the Tuul basin, at an altitude of 4,921 feet (1,500m) above sea level latitude 47° 57' north and longitude 106° 55'. According to the Constitution of Mongolia "Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia", and the country's main political, economic, industrial... Read more

  • Southern Mongolia

    One of the most popular travel routes in Mongolia is the Gobi desert, the habitat of the rarest animals and a unique natural landscape. The Gobi Desert is a vast zone of desert and desert steppe covering almost 30 percent of the Mongolian territory. The area is often imagined as a lifeless desert like in many other parts of the world. In reality, most part of the Gobi Desert is a land of steppes, sands, mountains and it is the home for camel bree... Read more

  • Western Mongolia

    Western Mongolia – Far western part of Mongolia is the most beautiful, but the least travelled destination. It is home to the world rare wild species, numerous ethnic groups and snow capped majestic mountains. Kazakh people, famous for their hospitality and generosity, take pleasure in poetry and music. Over three hundred Mongolian Kazakhs now practice the art of eagle hunting, a sport that goes back two thousand years. Highlights: Kazakh peop... Read more

  • Central Mongolia

    Central Mongolia is includes the most visited areas in countryside. This region has many historical sights , natural wonders in Mongolia’s heartland, particularly in the Orkhon River Valley, known as Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape, which is an encompasses an extensive area of pastureland on both banks of the Orkhon River and includes numerous archaeological remains. It was registered by UNESCO in the World Heritage List as representing evolutio... Read more

  • Northern Mongolia

    Northern Mongolia is a main travel destination of Mongolia. The highlight of Mongolia’s Northern provinces, an alpine region bordering the forests of Siberia, is pristine Khuvsgul Lake, known as Mongolia’s “dark blue pearl and Darkhad valley – there are over 200 lakes surrounded by high mountains covered with forest and extensive marshland, which is a home of reindeer people -Tsaatan ethnic minority. Many ethnic groups of Mongolia live in t... Read more

  • Eastern Mongolia

    Khentii, eatern Mongolia is the birthplace of the Great Emperor Chinggis Khaan. It is situated in a region of great natural beauty, yet only a day’s (331 km) drive from the capital city Ulaanbaatar. It borders in the north with the Russian Federation. Genghis Khan’s birthplace- Temuujin (Genghis Khan) was the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his demise. He came t... Read more

  • Around Ulaanbaatar

    You can visit beautiful places not far from the capital city of Mongolia. There are many historical places, statues and national parks around the city. Such as Hustai National Park where you can see Prejaevalski horse, Terelj National Park, Tsonjin Boldog Statue, Chinggis Khaan Statue and 13th century complex. Read more


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